Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Two - Brow Products

Hello Everybody. 

Its time for day two of the Brawl. 

Today we are all reviewing Brow products. 

Now I rarely use brow products as my brows are quite full and dark naturally. So this category is always a learning curve. But I do enjoy trying something new. 

The product that I chose is Maybelline New York's Master Shape Brow pencil in Deep Brown. 

 I chose brown due to skin tone and hair colour. 


As I said I am no expert so I did the basics with the product to show you. You will see the brow filled in (the one that is on your left and my right). 

I actually followed the little guide that is printed on the crayon itself. 

I thought that I would take a closer picture of the end of the crayon for you: 


First there is a little brush to sort out your eyebrow and to get it all neat. 

I was worried that it would be really rough so I was glad to find out that it was actually the opposite 

My only criticism of this product is that the end doesn't seem to last long. 

I only filled in my brow slightly and it was already worn down. 

However for two pounds it does feel worth value for money. 

So thats it for today.

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