Try not to Laugh / June Lifestyle Favourites

Hi everybody.... 

I am so glad that its the weekend. I am very glad that it is the type of weekend in which Luke and I can just chill out together and film and joke about. 

I am currently chilling in my bedroom, windows open, listening to the rain. Bliss. 

Earlier this morning, Luke and I decided that we would do a challenge video for the main Youtube channel. 

We did the Try not to Laugh challenge. I love filming these type of videos with Luke and he is a secret Youtube Fan boy. 

You can see it below, hopefully it will make you chuckle :) 

Oh I should mention that there was a little forfeit if we laughed....

For the rest of this post, I thought that I would give you my June Lifestyle favourites :) 

Favourite Tv Show: 

At the moment, I am very disappointed in myself. I am hook line and sinker in love with reality TV. If you live in the UK, like me, you might have heard of the these two shows. 

I am obsessed with Big Brother and Love Island. I don't know what it is about reality TV, but it really is a guilty favourite....

Please don't judge me.... I honestly think that it is a little bit of escapism. 

Below is a sample of a recent episode of Love Island : 

Favourite Music: 

So at the moment, I am finding myself getting back into dance music... I think that the summer brings it out in me. I

 have everything on my iPod, the most played being Calvin Harris, Example and David Guetta. 

I haven't been able to get the below song out of my head.... 


Favourite Film: 

I had the pleasure of Watching me before you last weekend. 

Now I know that the film has come under  fire for various reasons, but I found myself falling in love with the lead character of Lou.

 I actually found myself identifying with her in some ways.... the sense of being stuck in a rut and not being sire what to do with your life. I however, would not touch anything in her wardrobe. 

The soundtrack of the film is perfect.

Its a beautiful film, that truly will make you laugh and cry.... 

I would recommend it to see with a loved one or a bunch of friends 

Below is the trailer: 

Favourite Game : 

My favourite game is definitely Uncharted 4 : A Thief's end. 

I was so hyped for this to come out and it hasn't disappointed me thus far!

The graphics are incredible and it feels like you are in a movie. However, this is kinda a bit of a drawback at times as the cut scenes can feel a little too drawn out at times.

It's full of twists and turns and I hope that the ending does not disappoint....

We actually filmed a video of the intro and the first level for you all to check out : 

So thats all for this evening. I have a date with the playstation.... 


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