Birmingham adventures!

Hello guys, 

So Last Saturday, Luke and I took a trip to Birmingham. 

It was a fun little trip as we got to go on the train, so for once I didn't need to drive.....

The Weather seemed to hold out for us, it wasn't too cold and it only rained once haha......

We went with the main intention of shopping, but we did go for a long walk around as well. We are both massive fans of people watching and just seeing where the day takes us

Couple Selfie time.....

If you want to see what we bought and what we got up to, I recently uploaded a Vlog to the Main Channel and you can check this out here :

I got asked on Instagram as to what I was wearing. 

The dotty see through Black shirt is from Primark
The lacey under vest is from New look
My Jeans are also New Look 
Shoes are New Look :)

Tonight is a rather short blog post as I have just returned from Hastings (a three hour drive)... I got a little surprise while I was there. But more on that later ; ) 



Snapchat : Beckydoodah


Leigh Brady said…
I recently visited Birmingham and loved the city centre! It's very busy and vibrant! x

Becky Russell said…
I loved it, we just happened to be there when there was a street fair on :)

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