Gaming : Pokemon Go! (Vlog included)

Hello everyone,

Such a HOT day today!

I think at one point, I may have actually melted into my seat at work.

Remember guys, keep hydrated and make sure you look after your skin!

I thought that I would start to include gaming posts on here.

 I created Hideaway Gaming as a youtube channel a little while ago, but I hadn't done any individual gaming posts to date.

Gaming is a massive passion of mine, so I love sharing this with you!


Unless you have been living under a geodude (I know I know) then you will be very familiar with Pokemon Go. 

If not, Pokemon Go is an app that you can get from either IOS or the Android store. 

The premise is that on a real time map you need to go and find Pokemon that are hidden in the real world. 

They pop on the screen and you have to throw a pokeball at them. 

I managed to get it before general release so I had like a seven day head start.

I am beyond obsessed and I took my love of it to the seaside town of Hastings!

I knew that I wanted to do a video for the Youtube channel so I thought that this would be a fun way to do it.

Its a great way to get out and enjoy the world - it will have you walking and before you know it, you may feel a little healthier.  It's also quite a nice feeling to know a lot of other people are playing it. 

You sort of give each other that knowing nod and have an instant  conversation starter..... 

The best shirt for Pokemon hunting... my you've gotta be kitten me shirt from Primark....

A few tips when playing...

1) Safety - LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING also don't Pokemon and drive 

2 )  Use that Poke Lucky egg - but make sure you save EVERY single candy and every single Pokemon... you'll easily level up by 2 each time. 

3 ) Get a portable battery - if you are going on a long walk... drainage is real 

4 ) Make sure you pick the team that YOU want to join at level five. Ignore all the memes on Facebook 

5 )  Get a Pokemon buddy... or a team.... get people around you that love it and it will be the best thing that you ever downloaded

The pikachu phone case is optional... but it helps 

I could keep going but I don't want the post to be an essay. 

All in all, I'd give the app a solid 7/10. 

It has a long way to go and extra features to add, I feel that the glitches and crashes do sadly ruin it a bit. 

However it is new and has a lot of potiental! 

I would download it if you are curious , you won't regret it.... except the battery drain....

I hope this first post hasn't been too bad. I include a few funny pictures for your enjoyment.....



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