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Hello everyone, 

I hope that you all had a good day. I found myself glossing the whole of my bathroom after work. Trying to get this home improvement stuff completed before my Birthday on Saturday. 

I thought that I would take this time to talk about a game that I have been enjoying of late. 

It's a game for the PC called Yandere Simulator. The game is currently in development so it changes a lot with updates. 

The main idea of the game is that you need to win Senpai's heart. Senpai is the only boy that has made you feel something. 

But he doesn't know you exist. 

I should probably mention that you are a japanese school girl at this point. 

The game takes place in a school and you have five days to win Senpai, because there is another girl with her eye on Senpai and you must stop her. 

If you don't mind glitches and the fact that the whole game isn't ready yet, then this is fun way to kill a couple of hours. There are a lot of hidden easter eggs to find and a school, basement and town to explore. There is one featured in the video at the bottom of this post 

You can be nice and try and frame your love rival or you can be totally evil and kill her and tr to get away with the murder before anyone finds out. As the game is in beta, there are lots of ways that have been given to you to manipulate the game. 

I'll give this game a 6/10 because it has so far to go, but if the developer keeps to the same path as he is on now, the game is going to be huge!

We played it recently on the gaming channel and you can see it below. The game is currently free and you can get it from the game developers blog On this link here

If you are looking for something different then this is the game for you....




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