July Lifestyle Favourites / Poorly Boots!

Hello everyone, 

I hope that Monday has been kind to you all.

Unfortunately, Boots has suffered a few injuries, so we are currently giving him a lot of love! 

He has lost a whole claw, cut his foot open and got a nasty cut under his chin... he has also lost some fur... so he and Diego are on house arrest!

I could tell he isn't himself... he is normally independent and all he wants to do is follow us around the house and get cuddles (which is fine by us!)

As for me....

 I know that I am still very tired from the drive home yesterday, work was rather interesting running on like 20 percent haha. 

I'm glad to say that I made it through and I'm home, crashed out on the sofa... about to eat some great food and glued to reality TV. 

Bad news is that I need to edit four Vlogs for the Youtube Channel.... actually thats not a bad thing... I do enjoy it... I think I'm just a bit Hangry at the moment. 


Favourite TV Show 

So, my favourite Tv of the month is not something new..... I recently discovered the wonder that is the TV show Sherlock. Now I knew that it had a big fan following and I put that down to the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch was in it.  But its great.

I noticed that I still had the New Year Special on the old Recording box and I fell in love. For those of you wondering what I am banging on about.... Sherlock is a TV show depicting Sherlock Holmes and Watson in Modern London (and sometimes not). 

It's a detective TV Show in which you need to try and figure out who committed the crime. Now I can never predict the ending as its always something outlandish! 

Here is a clip from the show; 

Favourite Music of the Month 

My favourite music of the month has definitely been that belonging to the good people at Disney! 

As I have travelled more over the past couple of weeks, I have been banging out the old Disney playlist. They always remind me of being small and some great times I've had with family watching the films. 

It's hard to pick my favourite film out of all of them.... 

But I will include this little gem below: 

( I don't know why but the Lion king always makes me really emotional) 

(our poor attempt of singing it is below: )

Favourite Film 

Now, if you read the blog, you will know that I am a massive horror fan. 

Luke and I recently went to go and see the Conjuring part 2. This one is based on the Enfield Hauntings which I always knew about.... as it happened in England and I remember seeing all the floating pictures. 

I would recommend seeing it in the cinema, it is full of jump scares! 

Below is the trailer 

Favourite Game 

My new favourite game is one that I spent ages avoiding because I knew that I would end up addicted to it. 

It is that infamous game of Minecraft, I like it because it is one that Luke and I can play together.  I love games in which you can build and build to your hearts content. 

I for some reason thought that you couldn't die in it, but oh yes you can.....

Watch us play it here: 

So thats it for Lifestyle....

Beauty favourites and Empties are to follow! 




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