This Weekend.....

Hello everyone, 

I fear that this is going to be somewhat of a monster blog post.....

I've had a really busy weekend, which has meant a lack of blog posts. 

On Friday, after work, we took an adventure to the lovely Village of Winslow, near Milton Keynes. 

 My family had arranged a meal to celebrate my 25th birthday. It was so lovely to see so many of my Dad's side of the family all together, I think I forget how large it has gotten. 

(Dress was a gift from my Mum if you are wondering....) 

One of my birthday presents was a night in a Hotel (the Bell). Its a lovely little pub / hotel, that had alot of charm and character. 

I love the fact that we had a faux fireplace and all the little bits of decor dotted
 around the room. Despite the heat we both slept like babies. I think its nice to escape your day to day life every now and again.

The next day.....

We decided to take an adventure into Milton Keynes.  It was still rather warm so we wanted to take advantage. 

I'm trying to change my style a little, I'm tired of wearing clothes from like five years ago. 

When I moved a couple of months ago I threw ALOT of clothes away from my Uni days. 

When buying clothes now, I am trying to go a little out of my comfort zone.

 I recently bought the below trousers from Primark... they are really airy and light and I love the design. 

I think I felt as though everything should take priority when it came to money - Flat, car and whatnot. 

Luke seems to befriend a cat whereever he goes.....

         We then went to have breakfast with the family in a lovely little tea room. 

                                   We then went shopping and to Ikea. The day got increasingly and increasingly hotter, I managed to enjoy some sorbert in a cone. 

I bought some clothes (which I will feature on a separate post) and below is the 'Haul' from IKEA. Do we use the term haul for this? I don't know. All I know is that it was a rather expensive trip, but the bathroom and the bedroom are going to look so much better because of it. 

Furniture is probably one of the best things to invest money in as it is a day to day use item. 

I also bought this cookie jar from Menkind... I have had my eye on it for the longest time

I had no time to rest. 

We then went straight to the cinema to see the new Star Trek Film Beyond - it was a great film and there is that added effect of childhood flooding back when I watch films like this with dad. I turned to him a few times and I could see the little smile on his face 

Look out for a review later on in the week (I'm seeing it again on Wednesday) .....

I also uploaded a video for the main channel - this is the footage from my trip to Hastings, in which you can see another of my Birthday surprises (I have been spoiled already this year) 

So fast forward to today... today has been all about building furniture and finishing painting the bathroom. 

I want to show all the new purchases in some before and after photos and a video... but below is a little preview.....

Below are the two new bedside tables that we bought, we are trying to upgrade everything to match. We currently have a purple, white and black them in our flat. 

Build something, two mins later the cat has to sit on it

My side table is larger... with my Race for life flower proudly displayed.

I'm not going to lie I feel like I could use a weekend to recover from my actual weekend, but it was a lot of fun. 

Thanks for reading thus far. I hope to be able to show off our little home project as soon as its complete. 

I should also mention that I also uploaded the below gaming video on Thursday. I have yet to post it on here - I will post a little review a bit later on! 

I hope that you've had a great weekend.... lets hope new week is just as great...

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