August Beauty Favourites & A New Vlog!

Good evening Everyone!

I hope that everyone is good, 

Before I dive into the beauty favourites there are a couple of things to mention: 

1) I'm planning (for the first time) to also be including my Monthly Fashion Favourites .... Therefore they will not be combined on this post as they normally would have....

2 ) I have the biggest bag of empties ready to come on the blog.  So I have had to be really strict with myself as to what I include below... see this post as a taster ;) 

3 ) I am still trying to progress with my August Monthly Goals - I am almost there with Pokemon... but with Uncharted 4... I realised that there is 24 chapters and I have only done 9... that means that I need to do a chapter a night without fail and one night will need to be a double. They don't call them goals for nothing! 

4) Finally, I have uploaded a new video to the Gaming Channel - Part two of the Witcher 3... I'm loving doing these videos at the moment. I have noticed that the gaming channel seems to be pulling in more views that the main channel at the moment. 

Part one : 

Part two 

Right time for some lovely beauty products....

There is definitely a theme in these products. Basically I have found that my skin needs some TLC, I have found that my go tos have been those products that can provide a little relief from dry skin and the sun. 

A lot of these are also first time tries as I am trying to broaden my tastes! 

First Products:

I have featured the face mask on the blog before - The Chocolate Orange Self - Heating Face Mask. 

The idea is simple, if you apply it to skin that has been asked with warm water, it heats and opens up your pores rather nicely. There is also a sugar and spice mask that does the same thing. Out of all the different types that I have tried... nothing makes my skin as soft and smooth as this. 

Also pictured is the Anti Frizz Hair Treatment mask.

 It was the first time that I have ever used this. I was drawn to it due to the price of 99p and my love for the Face masks. I wasn't disappointed.... for the price, the lovely smell and the effect to the hair... it is well worth a weekly treat! 

Both are by Superdrug

Second lots of Products: 

So, I have wanted to try these products from Lush for the Longest time as I have been in love with their soap range. I decided to go for it and grab a couple of shower gels. I chose the Comforter and Yuzu and Cocoa. 

The comforter's smell reminds me of Wine gums and the Yuzu and Cocoa reminds me of Chocolate Orange. 

 I love that a little of this product goes a long way, it foams quite alot and the feeling on your skin is great. 

The only down side is that at seven pound a bottle, it is alot more expensive than most of those that you can get on the high street. In my opinion its great for a treat.... not for the everyday.

Third Product : 

Nivea is always a brand that I go to for my Skin complaints.... during the summer, my skin gets really dry. I have used this on my face, arms, hands and legs and it benefitted them all. 

This is a product that I have used over and over again....

Last product: 

This was part of a set that I got for Christmas.... 

This is called The Scrub of your life by Soap and Glory... an in shower body exfoliator... Now I'm not one to use alot of this type of product at the moment due to sensitive skin. 

But I was very impressed with it. Again a little goes a long way, the smell is incredible and it has bursting beads in to help the skin. 

It;s well worth picking up to help remove the dead skin. after all how can you have soft supple skin if you don't maintain it? 

So thats it for now.... the fashion favourites will follow shortly!



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