August Fashion Favourites & a new Challenge Vlog

Hi Everyone, 

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend. 

I have been spending mine organising my home, although I plan to spend today doing some quality gaming! 

Before I go any further, I uploaded a new vlog to the main channel.

 Luke and I did the Beanboozled challenge... and to be polite..... it was really grim. It does make for funny viewing however....

Right so now it is time for my first ever separate monthly Fashion favourites post.... I'm rather excited to be doing this... you just might need to give me a couple of months to get the format right. We can learn together....

First Piece: 

I wore this New Look Dress to my 25th Birthday family meal, back at the start of July.  It's an electric blue dress with a lacey overlay, its kinda like a prom dress. It's light and floaty. I teamed it with a pair of simple heals. 

I wore my makeup as below... you can't really tell but thats Coral Lipstick. 

I've worn this dress as a bridesmaid dress, at new years and for this event... its a kinda any event dress. 


Second Piece :

I bought these Bottom's from Primark, when we went on our little trip to Birmingham recently. 

They are flared at the bottom and have a lovely Boho look to them. 

I was afraid at first, that they were a little too 'jazzy' but paired with a plain white / black t-shirt they look great. Also the material is really light, so its a great way to stay cool in the sun but also to cover up from the suns rays 

Piece three : 

My final choice is a present that I received from my love.

 It is a rather fluffy, rather comfy dressing gown.... the best part is that it is in the shape of a bear.... my favourite part is the ears... as you can see from the picture. 

If i need to chill out... this is my go to.  Sadly, I can't tell you where it came from.... but its the best thing I've received in a long while....

So I hope that this post was something a little different... I hope to keep doing them....

Let me know what you think....




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