August Goals and a few Vlogs for thee

Hi everyone, 

So I am glad to say that I am feeling a lot better. 

I've tried to figure out the cause of my anxiety and it has led to more positives than negatives, I am happy to say. 

Before I go into that, I realised that I am being poop at putting the blog's youtube offerings on here. So here is a quick catch up! 

Hideaway Gaming : Pokemon Go Part two - Filmed at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes

Hideaway Gaming : Dark Souls part 3 

Main channel : Birthday Surprise in Hastings! 

Main channel : My 25th Birthday 

So now I am up to date with the videos. 

It's time for the goals! 

Now if you read my last post, you know that I always set my self yearly goals (you can see 2016's on this link here ) 

I decided that it might be fun to also set three smaller, simpler goals for each of the months. 

I have split them between three categories :Mind (a goal for relaxation) , body & a random one. 

My first goal for the mind is to actually finish a game that I have already bought.

 As I run a gaming channel and blog about games, as you know... I have aload of incomplete games on the shelf.  It equals a lot of wasted money and a sad games console

For this goal I want to finish the main story on Uncharted 4 and defeat the Pokemon League on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ( for the second time.... ok third) 

My Second goal (for my body) is to ensure that I go for an hours walk a day. 

I am not far off of achieving this goal, I have Pokemon Go to thank for that. I find that walking clears my noodle and I can feel my legs are benefiting from it. 

My Third goal (the random one) might shock you.  I want to get a plan in place for Christmas... 

The food, presents and the decorations.... now before you look at me strangely, there is a very simple idea behind it- spreading the cost of Christmas. 

If you want to follow my plan.... you can see an old blog post from this time last year ....Half the fun is to plan the plan

Luke and I were settled by November last year, just in time for the shops to go crazy haha

In my August review post, I shall update you on my progress! 

Look out on the main channel tonight for my Zoo footage ;) 

Until then! 



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