August Lifestyle Favourites

Good Evening everybody, 

We are over half way through the week! I have found that this week is going way too fast. I just asked Luke what day we are on, because I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday....

I enjoyed a lovely lunch break with my other half by a lake today.....

Great place to chill and play Pokemon go....... haha 

It is time to share my lifestyle favourites for this month.....

Starting with my Favourite TV show....

I have been LOVING the Tv Series version of the Scream Horror films. I really thought that it was going to be terrible.  

But only a few episodes in and I was hooked.

 I also love the fact that Luke is really into it. There was a death in the third episode that broke my heart.... let me know if you are watching it as well....

Here is the trailer....


My favourite Game that I have been enjoying again is the Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. 

I literally spent my whole Sunday playing it.

 I think that its one of those games that you can easily be sucked into as the Open world is huge, not only that but any decision you make affects the environment. 

I'm determined to find Ciri and the damn Baron's wife 

I like that it is quite Fable-ish in that respect. I filmed the start of a mission and I plan to film the second part in a couple of days!

Favourite Film 

The best film I have enjoyed this month is The new Star Trek film Beyond. 

These films will always have a special place in my heart because of the childhood vibes that it brings. 

Also I know that they are films that my Dad really enjoys so I love going with him to see them.  I decided to take him for a late father's day present. I'm glad I did. 

Yes, it wasn't as great as the first, but it hit all the right places. 

I have to say seeing the Enterprise destroyed pulled on my heart strings and I thought the Tributes to Leonard Nemoy was beautifully done. 

I turned to my dad throughout the film and he had a smile on his face! 

Here is the trailer : 

Favourite Book

A book that I really enjoyed was the Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. 

The story is set in a future in which the world is recovering from a nuclear war. 

Women are being divided into different camps, based on their sole 'worth' whether they can reproduce or not. 

Women that can are effectively made domestic slaves to wealthier families that need a walking womb. There are loads of new rules that you must abide or you will be killed. Simple as that. 

There are so many other elements at play... the stories deals with issues in the pre war world and the post war world.  It's a story that will speak to you and get you thinking. 

It's well worth a read.... 

Favourite Music

I think that because it has just been my Birthday, that I naturally find myself listening to 90s music (from when I was little! ) 

When I was small, my favourite band was the Spice Girls! 

I include my favourite two songs by them for your listening Pleasure! 


 Let love lead the way ...

Spice up your life 

So thats it for August! 

I will do the beauty and fashion favourites later on in the week! 



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