August Reviews and September Goals!

Good evening everybody, 

I am currently sitting here, enjoying the Great British Bake off... and with the end of August brings another review! 

August Highlights 

§ completed my first set of goals 
§ Main channel reached over 2600 views 
§ Blog is at 20,000 views 
§ Gaming channel has hit over 600 views 

August Goals and Results! 

Favourite blog posts 

Favourite videos : 

25th Birthday 

Beanboozled challenge 

Pokemon Go in Northampton 

And with that it is time to reveal my September goals! 

1) I want to clean and valet my car - 

Basically I have neglected Bowie a little and it's time to have him ship shape again. 

My first car was always clean and shiny and its makes me sad to see that my new car is not in the same state. 

Time to stop making excuses and make it happen! 

2)  I want to go on a day trip to Salcey Forest (in Hartwell)

When I was little I would go for walks in the forest with my Grandmother and I really want to go and see it again! 

They also have the treetop walk, so you can go as high up as the trees! 

3) I want to complete the Story Mode on the Witcher 3 

This game is one that I have been obsessed with, I really want to make some progress on it. 

Because September is a long month, I figured that it was a perfect fit. 

I am currently still searching for Ciri... I really hope I get a good ending....

4) I want to complete the story on Star Wars Lego - Force awakens 

I picked this one, as its still in the packaging and I wanted something light hearted to counter balance the serious nature of the Witcher.

 I found that two games that did this in August really helped to spur me on! 

So thats it for now, 




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