Chilling in a Christmas Jumper on Bank Holiday....

Hello everyone, 

So as the title suggests, I am sitting here in my least obvious Christmas Jumper. The reason? Well you'll just have to wait until the video comes out next week ;)

I have to say I am exceptionally warm and comfy though mmmmmm

For those not in the UK, we are currently at the start of a three day weekend... we have a bank holiday / national holiday on Monday. 

 In classic British fashion, there is currently a storm battering the windows as I type this. We have had rain, wind, Thunder and lightening.... the works. 

If you are like me, you'll love watching the storm... if you are like my Kittens, you will stare in disgust until the event is over.... apparently they had big important outside type plans today.

 They have been staring at me as if I have the power to turn it off my self. 

Anyhow, During the aforementioned storm, I dived into a lovely warm bath.... and I used this little beauty... 

This the Karma Bubble Bar ...

You can easily use this bad boy on two maybe three baths, but I decided to go all in....

I regret nothing aha

I also forgot that I have not shared a picture of my nails this week. I decided to switch things up a bit.... I used the Barry M Caspian colour along with Maybelines 30 second fast dry, Rosegold colour. 

 So today has been really chilled. 

I hope that you have all had a good day, I will be sharing an empties post tomorrow and then a movie review for lights out :) 




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