Good Evening, 

I hope that, as always, that Monday has been kind. 

Mine has flown by again, before I know it, it will be Christmas.....

In s change to the post that I was going to write, I am going to be revealing an exciting event that concerns the Gaming Channel and the blog.... 

In the month of September, Luke, Sian and I will be undertaking a 24 hour gaming Marathon on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support by becoming Game Changers....

We will be live streaming on Twitch, Youtube and also on Facebook live. 

We are rather excited to be able to do this as we are massive gamers.... I shall post a list closer to the time of the games that we will be playing nearer the time. 

I shall also post the sponsorship link...... We are hoping to raise as much as possible as this is a charity that has personally helped a couple of my family members through the most difficult of times. 

If anyone here wishes to join us on the day, please do get in contact... I would like to make team Hideaway as large as possible ;)

We would like as many of you to come along and watch and laugh along with us as we try to stay awake this long.....

In the mean time to get you excited.... here are a few videos from our Gaming Channel ....

Pokemon Go

Fallout 4 





Snapchat : Beckydoodah


stephanie said…
Very cool!!!!! :)

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