Gaming : The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt

Hi guys, 

Time for a Gaming post. 

If you watch the Gaming Channel, then you will be aware that over the past three weeks I have been uploading videos for the Witcher 3, Wild Hunt. 

In the videos I documented two missions, Ladies of the Wood and Return to Crookback Bog (as they shared the same storylines) . 

I did find myself getting a little frusrated as I seemed to get lost or on the losing side of some stupid fights. But I hope that you all enjoy them. 

I have tried not to let the videos be too long so that they don't take an age to watch. 

The Witcher is fast becoming one of Favourite gaming franchises of all time (behind Uncharted, Pokemon and Tomb Raider)... but I forgot how moral the game is.

 It very Fable like in that respect... basically for every decision you make there are consequences. You can see that developing through the three videos... in saving the children, I doomed a family. 

I didn't mean to... I just didn't want them to get eaten by Crones.... I'm such a horrible person.....

I would recommend this game very highly, its a long game with a load of side quests and with the decisions, you can really make it your own.  It is a game that you can lose hours to , even days and I regret that I put it down for a few months as I feel as thought I could have had it all completed by now. 

I am kinda low key paranoid that I'm going to get a bad ending (there are over 30 possible ones) but we will see. I will film it when I eventually get there haha .

I am sorry for the swearing but I can get raging whilst gaming! 

Until the next post guys 


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The newest dlc is amazing!!! I love this game!

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