Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review! (Spoiler Free! )

Good Evening, 

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good....

I'm a little bit sad.... today at work I finished the latest and last of Harry Potter's adventures....

I promise that I will keep this review spoiler free... so it is safe to read this if you haven't read the script 


I was bought this book / Script for my recent Birthday by my boyfriend and I cannot describe to you how excited I was to get it on the 31st July. 

I immediately felt like a small child again, when I first read the philosopher's stone , the world of Harry Potter is one that will always welcome you back no matter how old.... Similar to Narnia and Middle Earth for example. 

It's weird to describe this book as a script, but that is what it is and I remember people saying oh its just a script and I felt a tiny but downhearted.... but the way that it is printed on the page makes it really easy to follow. 

The stage directions and the descriptions of scenes can be quite cheeky as well. 

The story follows Albus, Harrys second born Son and his friend Scorpius.

 I don't want to go any more into the story than that, because at every twist and turn there is a magical surprise. There were bits in which I laughed out loud, I wanted to cheer and I wanted to cry. 

It got to the point that I had to leave my copy at work because I knew that if I kept it at home, I would steam through it and not enjoy it.

 I wanted to saviour the last adventure... the last story of ALL of our favourites after the battle of Hogwarts.  I had the biggest smile on my face when I read the last line. It felt like a beautiful ending 

Please, if you buy one book this year, buy this one. 

I need to get me tickets to the play like ASAP

I think I'll probably end up reading the other books again and re watching the films. 

Mischief Managed! 



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I was wanting to get that book as well. Good to know it is a good read!

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