July Review

Hi guys, 

Today has not been the best day for me. 

Sadly, my anxiety became a bit too much to bear and I found myself hiding out in my home for the day. 

Without talking about it too much (as I'm still trying to piece it together myself) 

I had panic attack yesterday after work and this morning before I wanted to leave for work. 

I am fine and am just taking time today to heal and get my head back to normal. 

Below is a pre written post 



July Highlights : 

§ My 25th Birthday! 

§Blog hits 1,200 followers

§ Travelled to Birmingham, London and Hastings 

§ redecorated the bathroom and refurnished the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. 

July for me was a fun month that bought a lot of reflection and new experiences. 

As it was my birthday, I have set myself a few goals that I want to achieve / abide by in time for my 26th Birthday;

1)  Read a book a fortnight. - This is something that I am working on already. I used to love reading recreationally but I stopped when I went back to University, which is a shame as I love the escapism. Look out for the odd book review on here from time to time....

2) Travel, Travel TRAVEL! - I am already working on this. I don't mean that I want to go on a million holidays before July 2017. I just mean that at the weekend, I would like to see more of my country... I have a nice car so I plan to use it more. 

3)  Cook more / eat more food at home. - I think in the last year, Luke and I have become very lazy in our approach in food. Being in the middle of the town, its so easy to get a takeaway. At the the start of this week, I picked up some lovely ingredients and we have managed to be a lot better. This is something that we need to keep working on, as it is easy to slip into bad habits. This also applies to work food as again, I got rather lazy. 

4 ) I need to relax - I find that I need to make sure that I take some time every week to shut my brain off.  This time is invaluable for my head to make sense of everything, this is going to be in activities in like readings, baths and playing video games. I also am going to reduce the youtube channel from three videos a weeks to two to allow for this. 

These are the main four. I will be setting monthly goals. These will be smaller goals.... they will follow for August later on....

Thats it for now! 




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