Hello guys, 

So I hope that you have all had a great weekend. 

I spent mine relaxing, after the events of the previous week. I feel like I am back to normal and also I feel a lot clearer than before the event. I have ensured that to maintain progress, that I've set myself goals for my down time and I have some fun stuff planned for after work :)

 I have also found that one thing that I am really enjoying at the moment is cooking. I made the majority of all dinners last week. From Curries, to italian dishes to some Brit classics....

Odd but true. 

My saturday was spent just chilling and cooking and today I got the pleasure of gaming all day. 

As I am adulting to a fair level, it means that I'm normally running around or doing everything else except gaming... Normally the only time I have put aside is during filming time.  When I was in my old job, I would always have an hour after work or before and I really miss this. 

I spent this time playing the Witcher 3.... but more about this on Tuesday! 

I said yesterday that I was going to share some photos and a story from Woburn Zoo with you all: 

Firstly, here is the newly created video of all the footage! 

Secondly here are some pictures that I lovely taken (Exclusive to this blog) - you can click to enlarge them ....

So I thought that I would end the post with story time. 

So I was driving through the Lion enclosure and it had just been feeding time. I had one lioness to the left of the car and one lioness to the right. 

Another one, that you can see in the video then decided to approach the front of the car - at first I was delighted, I got to see a lion up close. 

She then put her two front paws on the bonnet of the car. I was a little scared as to what may happen. A minute later she made a movement as if to try and sit on the front of the car completely. 

The ranger came speeding over in his little jeep and put a stop to it. 

To say I was a little scared is an understatement.....

The rest of the day was really good and I would recommend that you go. The animals appear happier there than a lot of Zoos I've been to as they have a lot more land and can free roam as much as they want! 

Let me know what your favourite animal is or if you have a scary animal story! 

bye for now! 



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