Uh Oh

Hello everyone, 

I literally cannot wait for the Bank Holiday weekend....

Although that being said I looked at the calendar at work and realised that I have only five and a half days to get all of my goals completed for the month. 

I thought I was making some good progress but then I remembered that I still have three out of four to complete.

What is quite amusing is that as I write this blog post, I have the film Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet street on the background.... so it has quite the soundtrack to accompany it aha. 

For those who don't remember, my August goals were as follows: 

1) to Try and walk 30 - 60 mins a day. 

2) to Complete Pokemon Alpha Sapphire's Pokemon League 

3) to Complete Uncharted 4's main story 

4 ) To plan Christmas (presents, food and decorations)

Therefore, to give myself a chance, I have decided to not film a video for the main channel for Saturday...(as after all the video with all the footage will be uploaded there once all is complete). 

I am sweating a little as I worry that for my first attempt at monthly goals, that I will fail ahah. 

I will still be blog posting as the weekend occurs..... I have some empties to share with you ( a huge bag of them to be exact. 

I thought it was best to be honest on here, as I think sometimes due to clever editing on posts and videos.... well things seems a little too easy sometimes and we are all humans with full time jobs and families etc. 



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