A little bit of Upcycling over the weekend

Good Evening to you all. 

I'm having one of those weekends in which the rest of the world does not exist. 

One in which my home is my little sancutary and I've spent some time just making it that tiny bit more organised. 

I have also made sure that Luke and I have spent some time together as from Thursday morning, he is away on a charity bike ride for four days.

 I think that its always scary when someone in your life does something out of the ordinary. It has only been a year that he climbed three mountains in 24 hours. 

This time he is riding from our home town Northampton to ypres in Belgium. No doubt the blog will be busier than normal and also the two channels.... I'm one of those people that needs to keep busy when they are alone..... woe is me. 

Therefore there was no main channel video this week as I wanted to spend the time just chilling with him 

Anyway, back to the main point of this post......

As you might know, if you look at my insta or have seen my older posts, I love recycling objects and using them around the flat.

 I think its a neat way of breathing new life into objects and helping the environment in a tiny way. 

Today, I decided to reuse this little basket ....

Originally, it homed some lovely Birthday flowers but now it is empty. So I first started by removing the dead flowers... and the plastic inner that smelt like dead fish.... ewww....

I then spent a good hour debating what I could put in this dainty little basket, its alot deeper than it would appear.

I decided that I would place my other up cycling / recycling love of homemade candle melts and tea light candles....

Perfect in time for Autumn... this way they are out and ready for those dark nights, with the fire going ... with a mug of hot chocolate mmmmmm

Next, I thought I would mention my favourite obsession.... My Lush Jar.

I refilled this bad boy today.... Its been featured on the blog before and it always gets alot of love. Featured in it is....

The Snow Fairy Wand
The Unicorn Horn 
A Bunch of Carrots 
Peeping Santa 

As I write this, I am watching Gilmore girls (for the first time ever) and I'm giggling to myself as I have just noticed that my love for recycling has past on to the most unlikely person in this home....

My kitten Diego.... as alot of cats do.... his new favourite thing is a cardboard box we acquired over the weekend. Bless him....

He's been sleeping in it all day and he almost threw a cat Tantrum (a very real thing BTW) when I moved it to clean earlier....

So thats it for this evening... normal traffic will resume next week ;)


Becky .... and Diego 


Snapchat : Beckydoodah


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