LIFESTYLE : The 300 and September Lifestyle Favourites!

Hello everyone, 

So I failed to notice that my last post was Hideaway's 300th. 

Honestly, I was staggered to see the total of how many posts I had rambled through and was being viewed by you lovely lot. 

So thank you for reading and supporting the blog... it really means alot .

I will be doing another Quiz post to celebrate... if you have any questions... feel free to send them in! 

I thought that I would celebrate tonight with a favourites post. 

Favourite Movie: 

I recently had a movie day with Luke, one in which we just made our way through the recorded TV on our box. 

There was one that really captured my attention and my imagination.... 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring and directed by Ben Stiller. 

Billed as a romantic comedy, I was slightly put off at first... but with a high rating on IMDB, I decided to give it a try. 

 I am so glad I did. 

Yes it has a few dull bits and yes I cringed a little... it is the heart behind the story and the main character that had me going through all sort of emotions.

The main plot is that a man who has always lived an average life ( but has a big imagination) is given the opportunity to do something great... 

it's full of cameos and quotes and it will have you in the best kind of tears at the end. 

The message behind the story is beautiful... stop dreaming and just do. The adventure of life is a beautiful one....

Below is the trailer. It's an instant classic for me: 

Favourite TV show : 

Autumn is always a great time for TV.... We have the return of American Horror Story, South Park, Wolfcreek, Great British Bake off, Victoria and Coldfeet to name a few.... 

But there is one show that I have fallen in love with. It's one that originally aired in 2000, but I was too young to appreciate..... 

That is the teen classic that is the Gilmore Girls. Ever since I heard that it was making a comeback... I wanted to try and watch all the original series. 

I'm not going to lie, at first... I didn't care much for the Mum... but now I find myself caring about her relationships, feeling her pain and YELLING THAT SHE NEEDS TO GET WITH LUKE ALREADY ( please no spoilers)

I love the witty dialogue and the pop culture references.... I also find it so easy to watch and to follow. I'm excited to see Rory grow into a young lady and to see her journey start away from her mum. 

I'll let you all know if I'm still in love with it at the end of series 8 aha 

Favourite Game: 

So my favourite game for this month is one that I completed as part of my August Goals.... Uncharted 4. 

I already did a little write up and review in the below video.

  I am sad that the franchise is finished with naughty dog and I real hope that no more are made. 

But it was a great little game and if you get the chance to play it.... I think you really should! 

The only thing about trying to complete two games in a month is that .... I had to rush alot of it. I have promised myself that I will do another play through and just enjoy it next time....

So thats it for my lifestyle favourites.... I have a gaming video coming tomorrow. Luke and I really enjoyed filming it as it is from one of our favourite Childhood franchises....

But more on that later.....

Thanks for reading :) 



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