LIFESTYLE AND YOUTUBE : Goodbye to summer and HELLO Autumn (part one)

Good evening everyone and happy weekend!

I personally am loving the change in weather that we are currently experiencing in England.... It means only one thing.... Autumn is here!

Its feels as if someone has just flipped a switch, one day we were having a heatwave and the next, its dark, colder and wetter. 

I'm not going to lie, I declared Scarf and coat weather and I've loved being cosy.

But before we welcome my favourite season in... it's time to say goodbye to the summer.

 I have uploaded a little video to the main channel today. 

Basically, I was going through my camera and found all this footage from one of my birthday celebrations. 

Luke and I both thought that it would be a nice little way to say goodbye to a great couple of months so I editted it and uploaded it.

Summer this year saw us do a little more travelling, it saw us doing challenges that I never thought possible AKA Tough Mudder and the Race for Life.

 I celebrated my birthday surrounded by family and friends and now its time to greet our autumn friend and enjoy the many things it brings. 

I thought for the first topic; I would talk about the subject of food. 

I have really been getting into the groove of cooking, I can't remember the last time that we went out for a meal. 

But something that has really caught on in the Bowers/ Russell Homestead is the art of bulk cooking. 

Basically, in our household, we are both guilty of turning rather lazy after work in regards to cooking... it's when we are most likely to reach for a takeaway menu or do a stop off on the way home.

 However, if we both know that something is awaiting at home, we tend to stick to the plan and eat whats been prepared. 

So basically, on Saturday or Sunday, I bulk cook meals that can be placed safely in the fridge or freezer ready for consumption. 

This week we have a selection of Potato Rogan Josh Curry, Cowboy Chilli and a couple of pasta dishes. 

Last week included spaghetti and stirfry.  I also managed to make a Vegan Strawberry and Apple Crumble / Cobbler.... 

I find that this has lead to a drop in reckless spending and also I feel slightly healthier for it. 
The only downside is that I am running out of pots to store everything in. 

But, it's worth a go... if you are looking for ways to save money! 

I will put some recipes up in a little while (once I have perfected them)



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I do a lot of cooking like that. Chili does well in bulk cooking. Lots of great recipes on pinterest for it

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