TRAVEL AND LIFESTYLE : From Northampton to Ypres

Hello all! 

I hope that you are all starting to relax, the weekend is just around the corner! I was extremely disappointed this morning.... I awoke and in my sleepy state, I had convinced myself that it was Saturday morning... I was in bliss for two mins and then I realised that this was not the case...

Ah well almost there... Tomorrow is pay day as well for both Luke and I, so thats always a cheeky plus! 

Before I get to the main bulk of the post, I would like to take a moment to mention a new video that went live this morning.... 

Luke and I filmed a cheeky Dragonball Z video for the gaming channel. I love the game (Dragonball Z Xenoverse) as I spent alot of my childhood hoping that Goku would defeat all the bad guys and save the day! 

Give me your energy.....

I love the thumbnail on this video......

So to the main topic of the post.... 

Luke asked me to share some of the pictures that he took when he cycled from England to Belgium (Via Holland). For those not in the know, Luke took part in a charity event that saw him attached to his road bike for four days straight. 

He set off from my University and finished in Ypres. 

Below are some of the pictures.... I have to say that I am beyond jealous that he got to see these amazing sites but that being said I am incredibly proud of all that he has achieved.  He has raised over 400 pound in total for the local homeless shelter in Northampton.  If anyone wants to donate I shall put the link in the signature below. 

There was also some video footage which I put into a youtube video and you can watch that below : 

Roll the slideshow!

Thank you for reading! 



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