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Helloooo everybody, 

I hope that you are all having a great weekend. 

My Saturday started with a trip to a local village that my family has a connection to in Northampton. 

But this trip was one of a great importance. 

If you read the blog regularly and you can cast your mind back to June you will remember that Luke and I took part in a charity event for Stand up to Blood Cancer.

 We walked from the South Cost of England to Canterbury Cathedral. I documented it all on the blog's youtube channel.... the videos are below...

Part one: 

Part two : 

Part three :

The Stand up to Blood Cancer movement is one that I personally am involved in as it was started by my very own mother.  

The movement is designed to support those that have been diagnosed with Blood Cancer and also for the families of those people. 

Most recently, the movement has focused on donating funds to those people denied a second shot at a second stem cell transplant.

 England has had the funding removed for this, my own Mother would not still be here if she hadn't of had the procedure done. 

At the moment, the total raised has just gone above 800,000 pounds, an amount that is just mind-blowing. 

Fast forward to today and I went to Potterspury to the Church to hear a special ringing of the Church bells in her honour. 

I got a little emotional and shed a few tears when I read the below. It makes it feel so real to see everything written down in black and white. 

I've said before how proud I am of my Mum, but its a real humbling feeling to hear others say it about her. 

I know it won't be long till she hits 1,000,000 pounds raised, and the money has already gone to help so many people.... but if there is anyone who wants to donate, leave a comment below and I will post the link. 

I'm hoping to keep covering this movement on here and on the main channel as much as I can....

I think sometimes you need to be reminded that there is a bigger fight out there to make your problems seem a little smaller.....




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