GAMING & LIFESTYLE : September Goal Results!!!!!

Hello all! 

I hope that you are all enjoying some downtime today... I personally have had a full on week and I felt it as I tried to wake up this morning. 

I did however wake up to a little surprise from my Cat Boots.... Boots loves to bring things through the cat flap. Now cats are renowned for bringing dead things home, but this time my cat bought me a red rose....

God knows where he got it from but it certainly made me chuckle 

You might have noticed that I have been a little quiet this past week.... the reason for this is simple my beloved September goals. 

I knew when I set them, that one in particular would be very demanding of my time. 

Regardless here is the results of my goals (I have also included the video for your viewing pleasure) 

If you recall they were : 

1) I want to clean and valet my car 

Complete!  - I completed this one pretty easy, this goal was more to ensure that I actually did it and stopped forgetting. I didn't manage to film alot of it as I think it would have been strange /  rude to film other people cleaning my car for me. 

2)  I want to go on a day trip to Salcey Forest (in Hartwell)

Complete! - I really enjoyed this one as Salcey Forest is somewhere that I spent alot of time as a child. Simply the drive to Hartwell from Northampton bought back beautiful memories. 

We went atop the Elephant / tree top walk and were the same level as the top of the trees - no noise- just peace.... I think this is something that comes across beautifully on the video. 

Luke is already planning the next trip.....

3) I want to complete the Story Mode on the Witcher 3 

Complete! -  This goal almost killed me through frustration... just when you think you are near the end... theres another mission. That being said the game is beautiful and well worth picking up for the winter months. 

The choices in it influence the entire game so be careful... I made a few dodgy decisions early on... however I managed to get what I consider to be the best ending. 

The game had me going right to the wire - 11.07 last night!!

4) I want to complete the story on Star Wars Lego - Force awakens 

Complete!  - I love a decent Lego game, there is something about them that makes me feel like a child... yet the adult humour in it appeals to my actual age. 

I am a huge Stars Wars fan and I rushed out to get this game upon release, however after a month it was still sitting on my shelf. 

I regret how quickly I rushed through it so I'm going to make myself go back and enjoy it! 

So thats one set of goals complete - I'm currently sitting on 8/8 

Time to announce some October ones....

So these are heavily influenced by Halloween - my favourite time of the year. 

So here goes :

1) I want to make some Candy Apples and Some chocolate apples. 

These are a lovely little treat and I haven't had one in a couple of years, I know Luke loves them so it's a perfect excuse to make them!

2) I want to carve a couple of pumpkins with Luke 

I thought this would be a great activity to do together as Luke is working alot more at the moment. I have done this since I was an early teen. Plus you can't really do it any other time of the year haha 

3) I want to have a proper Horror Film Marathon 

I want to just book a day with Luke and watch all our favourites. I think I own Northampton's largest collection of jump scare films etc 

4) I want to complete the main story on Fallout 4 

I'm going to restart this game as I have no clue as to where I am in the game. It's one of those that sucks you in but if you put it down for a while you forget all about it... 

5) I want to complete all the Sagas in Dragonball Z Xenoverse

Luke recently did a video for the gaming channel and it made me realise how much I love Dragonball. It's something I grew up with - and as there is another game coming out soon, I want to complete this 

So thats it for now, 

Thanks for reading and watching as always :)



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