Hiya guys, 

I have to say that I think hiding under a duvet is one of the better ideas that I have had today.  There is a chill in the air that can only be solved by duvet and Netflix. 

I long to be as comfy as these guys : 

I thought that I would talk about a few things that we did over the weekend. 

Firstly, Luke and I attempted to decorate a Gingerbread spooky train together. We got a little kit from our local Morrisons. 

Building the train was easy enough, it even had a nifty little stand to help... what we didn't seem to have was a creative eye.... as you can probably see. 

Regardless, it was fun to do something together like this, we even made a cheeky little video out of it... 

On Saturday  I made some yummy Chocolate and Toffee apples. 

Luke has requested that I made these as they remind us of Halloween and bonfire night.

  The chocolate one was easy to make but the toffee apples were a bit of a pain. 

The sugar mixture has to be at the correct temperature and it cannot drop. 

I found that the mixture started to drip off. But I managed to creative something rather yummy, later in the month, I shall put the method on here. 

Luke seemed to enjoy it.....

I don't think that he liked that I seemed to pass on my bugs to him.... oops. 

Thats it for the evening. I hope that you all keep nice and warm! 

Remember to check out the lastest Scaretober video : 




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