LIFESTYLE AND GAMING: Scaretober, Twitch and Illness!

Hello everybodyyyyyy, 

I feel as though in the past week I have been hit by a sickness bubble. I started to get sniffles on Monday and then by Wednesday and Thursday I was full blown gross. 

I had the classic symptoms of shakey limbs, headache and the string will to hide in my bed for a long period of time.

 I managed to enjoy a few early nights, watching Dragonball Z abridged on youtube (google it and thank me later) .

The good news is that I had the foresight to book today off of work and a day at home has made me feel alot closer to healthy than I have felt all week. 

I managed to do a food shop and to tidy up my 'sick cave' (basically as I've been in bed alot of the evening... the flat cleanliness was left to Luke.... Luke doesn't like to clean haha .... it's ok though he was been feeding me and looking after me and pretending that I'm not completely gross)

In this time, we managed to keep Scaretober going on the Gaming Channel and have managed to finish our first horror game, Layers of Fear. 

It felt really good to write on the youtube Playlist that the gameplay was complete.....

Before I talk about the game too much, I have signed the blog and it's gaming channel up to the gaming platform Twitch.  

This at first was because I heard that I could use it to record the footage off of my gaming console- with my videos this is always an issue as I record with a camera pointing at the TV. 

With Horror games they are very dark so I knew going into this month I needed to do some research. 

Twitch also gives the channel the chance to live stream our general gaming and it will be used for the monthly gaming to enhance those videos ;)

You can follow us on the link below :

Anyway Layers of Fear...

It's a creepy but brilliant game.... it's cheap but it does deliver on the scares. 

What I love is that it's a game in which nothing is chasing you, so you have your time with puzzles and to discover the story. 

That being said I did think that the ending was an anti climax.

 It might be the ending that I got (there are three different ones) , but there was certainly time to maybe do an explanation or to bring the story to some sort of conclusion. 

We had the kind of feeling of.... oh is that the end? 

Below are all three parts for you to enjoy :)

Part one : 

Part two ( defo the jumpiest Part - be warned)  : 

Part Three : 

Next game will be Slender - the arrival. 

Luke and I will be filming a video for the main channel tonight... some thing edible, Halloween related and creative ;) 

Until then, 




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