LIFESTYLE, BEAUTY and FASHION : Autumn haul & must haves and the start of Scaretober

Halloo everyone.... 

I hope that you are all ok.... Luke and I are currently sitting in front of our fire, enjoying some hot chocolate. 

Before I go into the main topic of the post - on Tuesday our version of Scaretober began.... you can check it out here: 

Today has been one of those exploring days.... Luke and I went to Milton Keynes and managed to get half of our Christmas presents. 

Without going over old ground, I wrote a post last month about getting ahead for Christmas... You can read it all here

I also got the old halloween decorations out today..... If you recall, these were the ones that won a vlogging award last year (you can see the video below) : 

As you can see, Burt the Pumpkin and Caspar the ghost  have found their new homes in front of our fire.  

Sadly, due to old age, Caspar no longer shines, but I love him as a decoration so I kept him : ) 

I also bought back Jack the treat bowl..... He becomes a salad bowl the other 11 months of the year..... 

ANYWAY, On to the purchases that I made today: 

Caspar's favourite is a Lush Winter classic... the Snow Fairy Shower Gel... I opted for a massive one (1KG) so that it lasts for a lonnngggg time. 

For those that are not familiar with the smell, it smells like a sweet candy floss. 

Burt's is the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. I buy one every year for my spooky halloween bath. 

You can easily split it in half and have a couple of baths out of it. The only thing is that I touched in once and now my entire face and hand is covered in glitter.....

Next is a bubble wand that I haven't seen before so I am not sure whether its new this year or not.  

It's called the Magic of Christmas. According to the label it's clove and Almond bubble bar sitting on a cinnamon stick. It smells just as I would imagine Christmas to smell. 

Bubble wands are reusable so they are fantastic value for money. I still have a snow fairy one on the go from last year haha 

My last choice is the Christmas Penguin bubble bar, I have never tried this little guy before. I was taken with how cute he is. 

However he is also VERY delicate as a lot of them in the shop were eye less.  

So make sure you handle him with care :). He is made of Orange flower and mandarin oil so he smells really great. 

Finally, I made a little tip to new look and amongst other things, I picked up these super fluffy, super soft PJ bottoms! 

They are so comfy and perfect for this weather, they are elasticated at the waist and also at the heels for that super snug fit! 

So thats it for now, it's been a while since I did a haul.... 

Thanks for reading 


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