LIFESTYLE : October Goals '16 Result

Hello everybody, 


I say this every month, but I cannot believe that the month has flown by.... 

It's time to revisit the little goals that I set myself at the start of the month (You can also check out the below video to see my journey through the month! 

1) I want to make some Candy Apples and Some chocolate apples. 

Complete: I found these a little bit of a challenge to make, the candy apples that is... I didn't realise how tempremental sugar could be (you will see this on the video) 

But I managed to do it... Luke even said that he enjoyed them! 

2) I want to carve a pumpkin with Luke 

Complete: I really wanted to design a pumpkin that looked like it was being sick - for the simple reason that it meant that I could use the insides in the design. 

It was my first attempt and I think you can definitely tell that from some of the cuts made in the pumpkin butttttt I am a little proud! 

3) I want to have a proper Horror Film Marathon 

Complete:  Luke and I settled down for a day of jump scares and screaming. We took it in turns to choose a film. The three that made the cut were : 

Jeepers Creepers 
Case 39
The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

We decided that after that we would continue the marathon by gaming instead aha. 

You can see what happened on Hideaway Gaming (there will be a review after Scaretober!)

4) I want to complete the main story on Fallout 4 

Failed : I really battled with myself... this is my first ever failed goal.

 But Fallout is a long game and I asked myself in the week prior, would I rather rush it (as I did the Witcher) and end up hating the game. Or should I roll it over to November and enjoy it? 

I chose to roll it over.... I would have completed it had we not been filming extra gaming videos on the channel for Scaretober....Therefore this goal will be reset in November as I still very much want to complete it! 
I'd rather put it as a fail, rather than edit it out (as I know some people chose to do) but these are real goals and life sometimes gets in the way... we are all human after all! 

5) I want to complete all the Sagas in Dragonball Z Xenoverse

Complete:  I am proud to say that no matter how many times I got frustrated and stuck... I powered through and completed the story portion of the game! 

The only real downside of the game.... HAND CRAMP. 

So much HAND CRAMP from button bashing.... if you've played the game. Then you will know exactly what I am talking about.....

Check put the blog tomorrow for the list of upcoming November goals... I am really excited to start them as soon as I can! 




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