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So firstly, I thought that I would say a big thank you. I went on to the blog last night to be greeted with the following sight : 

21,000 views.... I cannot believe how many times my ramblings have been read and from readers all around the world. 

The blog was viewed 300 hundred times in just a couple of hours the day before yesterday. 

So thank you for reading, I try not to look at the figures too often, as there was a time that I was obsessed with them. 

That was not just on here, but also on twitter and Youtube. 

I think that because I did this, that I lost myself for a while. 

 It's nice to see that the blog has done well without me watching it like a hawk.

It is now time to share with you, my favourite lifestyle selections from October 

Favourite TV show 

This category is probably the hardest of the month.

 As Autumn hits, I feel like all the good telly starts to come on. 

This month I have enjoyed ; Our Girl, American Horror Story, Poldark, charmed (again) and Cold Feet. 

But one series stands out against the rest.....

And that its the ITV series Victoria. 

Set at the start of her reign, it tells the story of 18 year old Victoria coming into the throne and how she needed to prove herself. 

The one thing that strikes me aside from the fantastic casting is the music.

 I include a clip of the opening titles, the song gives me goosebumps! 

Favourite Music :

So my current favourite song is going to sound a little odd.

 Aside from trying to work out whether it's acceptable to listen to Christmas music yet... I have been look back at the 90s again. 

Luke and I love cruising Netflix and in finding songs that remind us of our childhood... especially when on the way to work.  

There is a rap that I always wanted to learn by heart and I think that it might become a monthly goal in the near future.... (keep an eye on here as its going be a hell of a challenge) 

That rap is the original pokerap (150 pokemon in succession). 


I also love Pikachu's Jukebox. No judgements please 

Favourite Game 

My favourite game at the moment has got to be Dragonball Xenoverse. 

This is a game that I have picked to be a monthly goal (to complete before novemeber). I love it because of all the memories that it brings back. 

Along with Pokemon (above) and Sailor Moon, I used to watch Dragonball and Dragonball Z religiously.

 Looking back, I now realise how violent it was, but I think that it had a few great messages in it... however this is about the game and not the show that it is based on. 

The game is one in which you can play the most famous battles from the Series. 

I am attempting to stream the whole  game on twitch but you can see a little video we made last month below : 

Favourite Film 

AS IT'S HALLOWEEN, there will be a whole post dedicated to films. But I think that I will share one of my favourite horrors now with you. 

Now I love this film as it has many WTF moments and a massive twist at the end to keep you guessing till the end. 

 The film is called Orphan and it is about a couple adopting a Russian girl from a catholic orphanage.

 I'm not going to say ANYTHING else and I think that if I did spoilers, that I would ruin the film. 

Below is the trailer, watch the film, thank me later.

But as I said, Luke and I will be compelling a list of our favourite scary films later in the week. We have so many to chose from.....

So thats it for now! 

Beauty and Fashion favourites will be following later in the week also .....




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