LIFESTYLE : Volunteering at Delapre Abbey in Northampton

Hello everybody, 

I hope that you are all having a great weekend. I feel like I have been hit by a train.

 Everything is currently aching... but I will get on to why in a second. 

Firstly, an Admin message: 

Please check out the latest part of Scaretober, this time its part two of Slender the Arrival : 

Luke took the helm in this one as he watched me in the video before and wanted a chance to face off against the tall one. 

Hopefully one more video and the game will be completed! 

I recently bought another horror game to enjoy.... But I'll reveal it in due course ;). All I can say is that Luke has refused to play it as it creeps him out. 

So on to the main bulk of this post. 

On Friday, I got to do something rather cool..... As part of volunteering through my workplace, I got to go to a local stately home and help with the restoration project that they are currently undertaking. 

The outfit of the day consisted of a Jack Wills hoody, Hollister tracksuit bottoms and Black and White converse. 

Delapre Abbey is planning on opening to the public for the first time ever, so we were helping with restoring an old fountain and its surrounding area. On Friday, I was in the lovely grounds and spent the day getting muddy gardening. 

If you cast your mind back to May, I was writing on here that the Abbey's ground was the main place that I was using to train for tough mudder! It has a golf course, forest area and an amazing Lake area. 

As I was pulling the weeds up and what not, I kept glancing over to the house and the rest of the grounds and I could just imagine lords and ladies walking amongst the grounds.... as more than likely Northampton would have been considered a country retreat and we are surrounded by some beautiful countryside.  I was secretly hoping that I'd dig up something cool... but no just more stubborn weeds aha. 

I got a little dirty. 

I also managed to find out a little more about the project itself and it turns out that as a history graduate that there is the opportunity to help with the setting up of their archive. 

So I am hoping that there will be be some further experience on offer! Watch this space..... there would be worse places to spend some of my free time. 

I took some pictures on the day for you to enjoy..... 




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