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Hello all, 

So I'm laying here, watching a history documentary and I am surrounded by books, folders and paper. 

It signals what I have known was coming for a long while - it's time to start the next year of University. 

For those who do not know, I study History.

 History is a massive passion of mine and it has been ever since I was very small. 

I have always intended to make this my career (not that my current job isn't a good one and not that I don't enjoy blogging) as its a subject that has always captured my imagination. 

Those figures of the past and their actions and how this has shaped our future. 

Therefore its time to get back into the student mindset. My course is part time so I will remain at my job until (hopefully) it finishes. 

I have graduated already once (with my undergraduate degree) so I am using that memory to inspire me to get through and to do it a second time. 

Because I don't want one thing to take a massive priority over another (as I felt it did last year) I am determined to get more organised.

I have written a to do list in the blue flowery diary pictured above. 

My main fear is that I will neglect this blog and the channel, which I hope will not happen as this is very much my outlet and a place that I come to when I want to make sense of things. 

I think everyone needs a creative outlet and this is mine. 

Therefore I am going to write myself a to do list for everyday. But I am keen for it not to be too long for each day as not to be overwhelmed. 

I am going to make sure that one day every weekend is dedicated just to university work. 

The diary is a great size for the handbag and it is from Waterstones ( I think before the year is out, you'll see that I am very much a stationary junkie) 

So what does this mean for Hideaway over the next year? 

Hopefully nothing will change.

 I know that with the blog, posts might have to he prescheduled for a couple of weeks (something I hate (as I like things to be influenced by life and not to a plan)). 

Scaretober and Vlogmas will mean that the videos will keep coming so I am not so concerned about the Youtube channels. 

It might mean a few more stressed posts every now and again, but eh, what can you do? 

I felt that I needed to write this post for you the reader, but also for myself... so that I know that things need to be in balance. However, if it ever does go quiet, you know why and I'll be back as soon as I can!

I know alot of bloggers are students so hopefully I can keep my life in check!

Thank you for reading!



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