GAMING Scaretober round up!

Hellloooo everybody 

So it's now time to review a little event that I had running on the Gaming Channel - Hideaway gaming. 

I am a massive gaming fan and I thought that if the main channel got Vlogmas that the other channel should get something for Halloween. 

We decided to exclusively play jumpscare and horror games..... 

I thought that in this post, that I would take the opportunity to do a mini review and to share the videos, in case there was anything that was missed. 

Game one - Layers of Fear 

I should point out that this was the last game I filmed with two external cameras, I now use Twitch and my vlogging camera.

I was recommended this game from a friend and I have to admit I had never heard of it before. 

It's a game that keeps you on your toes with noise, lights and changing environment. What I liked is that there is nothing supernatural chasing you. 

It's one that that keeps you guessing, with a little problem solving thrown in and keeps you trying to figure out the story behind it. 

I'd recommend it as a cheap game for one night when you feel like you want something on the scarier side : 

Part one 

Part two : 

Part three : 

Game two : Slender the Arrival

I was really excited to play this game in theory. 

In practise it gave me nightmares.

 No joke. 

There was a part in the game in which you had to run around the house shutting the windows and the doors... it then flashes with HIDE IN YOUR ROOM and he jumpscares you.

 That night was a bad one. 

It's a  neat little game though... based on the iPad game in which you need to collect eight pages of paper before Slendy kills / takes you. 

It was a winner for giving Luke his first genuine jumpscare. I've never seen him like that before.  

I would recommend it 100% but in parts it can seem a little long when you are searching the same places for the pages and generators but that adds to the tension in my opinion. 

Part one :

Part two : 

Part three: 

Game three : Emily wants to play. 

I originally saw this little game in a play through by Pewdiepie. I knew that it was a difficult jumpscare game. 

The concept is simple. You are a pizza delivery guy, you go to a house where there is a creepy dead girl... and her three dolls. 

Basically you need to figure out what game each of the doll is playing and play along otherwise, you'll scream just as loud as we do....

The game is four pound from the xbox store... now this would be a bargain if Luke and I actually wanted to play it again.

 The clown doll and the dummy freak us out way too much. But we still managed to make a video for your entertainment....

One day I WILL complete it. But today is not that day....

I actually have learnt alot about the gaming channel because of Scaretober.  The main one was about using twitch to capture footage.  The second is that I am no good at horror games and the third is that Luke and I need a little break from filming for a bit. 

When you do it constantly for three or so weeks, it becomes a chore. So it might be a little while before we upload another video. 

It was fun though and something that we could do together.... 

I definitely want to do it again for next year! 

Let me know what you thought about the above games, if you have played them. 

Thanks for reading! 



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