LIFESTYLE AND TRAVEL An Update and an exciting week ahead!

Hello everyone, 

So as I write this, I am buzzzzzzzziiiiinnnnnggggg as I am only one working day away from jetting out to Malta. 

This is a holiday that we have been looking forward to since August. 

Luke and I have only been on holiday abroad once together and that was as part of a family vacation. 

That vacation was three years ago, so we are looking forward to some quality time away..... 

Tunisa '13 .....

Obviously this means that after Wednesday, there will be no videos until next week and also no blog posts ( well maybe a cheeky one on Sunday ahaa) 

There is lots to look forward to on here and on the blog: 

1) Holiday
2) Luke's Birthday
3) Start of the Blogger's Brawl 
4) Start of Vlogmas!
5) Christmas

As the end to this post I thought that I would offer up a little follow up to my last post.

 You'll have to excuse it ... I wrote it when I was extremely tired. If you want to read it first, you can do so on this link .

I said that I would let you know if it got better or what not. 

Basically, I bit the bullet and spoke to the person that featured in the dreams. 

It was one of the most mortifying experiences of my life and I couldn't openly come out and say it. 

We played a little guessing game and then the answer came out. 

But I feel as thought being honest has helped. I haven't had a dream since Friday and my sleep seems to have gone back to normal. 

Sorry if I worried anyone, but as I said.... the original post was in an attempt to try and clear my head. Some times, this blog acts as a cheap therpary session. 

I recorded a video that will also touch on this subject, I shall be uploading that tonight and I shall share on here tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow guys, 




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