LIFESTYLE : Bonfire night '16!

Hellooooo Everybody 

I hope you are all ok.

I have had a night of having to shuffle around two very warm, very comfy cats.  

I would say that they thanked me for it, but all I was left with was the sound of purring and a sore neck... the joys of  having cats eh? 

So on Saturday, as many Brits did, we attended a Firework display in our Hometown of Northampton. 

The park is literally across from us so we could walk. 

My main concern however was Boots and Diego (le fluff balls) as they hate loud noises.

 As you will see in the video below, we left every single telly on and made sure they were locked in, safe and secure. 

I have to admit it was really cold, and I may have read the times wrong, I thought it was meant to start at five, but it actually started at half six. 

To say that Luke was annoyed was an understatement. 

But it turned out to be a fun night, sure there was the odd wobbly moment when I found myself too close to people (in the crowd).... but when the display started... I felt like a little kid. 

I actually was left feeling slightly emotional... no idea why. 

Sadly, as I was filming I didn't take many pictures (it was rather dark as well) - but here is the full display.

 Luke and I left feeling happy and we returned to two happy and sleepy felines. 

I was also glad we went, because in the years that Luke and I have been together, this was something that we had never done! 

So let me know what you got up to on Saturday and I'll be back tomorrow with another post!

Thanks for reading! 



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