LIFESTYLE : Healthy Changes and Another New Video!

Good Evening Everyone, 

I hope that the start of the week has been kind to you.

I thought that I would share another video with you - a little treat from me to you

On Sunday, I uploaded a new Main channel video. I finally went through the massively overflowing empties blog on camera. 

There will be a post on here with a few more details about each item (as camera time is quite restrictive) 

That post will come a little later in the week....

But now, for the rest of this post. 

My diet and the products that I choose to use are massively influenced by my love of animals.

I try to stick to brands that don't test on animals and at the start of the year I went Vegetarian. 

This was mainly due to the fact that I couldn't face eating meat, I hated the texture and I hated the thought of what the animals go through ... especially in their final moments. 

I put my thoughts on camera here :

 Well, in the past month... I have had to make another change.... basically I have always had an allergy to Cow's milk and an intolerance to Dairy products. 

But in giving up meat, I found myself relying a little too heavily on products that I 'thought were safe' and as a consequence, I have risked my health. 

I started to wake with horrible stomach cramps, Headaches, my going to the toilet was really bad and my skin flared up. 

I spoke to a medical professional and they said that in order to recover and to give my body a fighting chance, I needed to follow a mainly Vegan diet. 

At first this sounded daunting. 

But I have had a couple of weeks to adjust and to get creative in the kitchen and from some of the buzz on Instagram, I guess some of you are enjoying it too!

Meal one : Stuffed peppers with cous cous (Vegan cheese) and Salad

Minestrone soup (the meat was for Luke's Meat Stew)

Mediterran vegetables (topped with vegan cheese) and pasta 

Potato and Leek soup! 

These are just a few examples. 

I've had a few people wanting me to put the recipes on here. 

I should say (as I keep getting asked) I'm not Vegan, as it's not my choice. 

Instead I'd preferred to be classed as a dairy free Vegetarian.

Christmas day is going to be interesting with all these changes....




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