LIFESTYLE : November Goals '16

Hello everyone, 

It's time to once again set myself some goals, forget about them for a couple of weeks and then panic again aha. 

November is a month that I have been really looking forward to .. Luke's 25th, Bonfire Night and our trip to Malta!

So I thought that I would set a few seasonal goals this time as I enjoyed the Halloween ones so much. 

1) I want to attend a bonfire display. 

I haven't been to a proper display since I was a teen and its something that Luke and I haven't ever done I figured this would be something fun.  

2) I want to make my Christmas Cake

You are meant to make this little treat a month in advance and I struggled to stick to this last year. So by putting it into the goals, I hope to stick to tradition ;).  I'll try and catch the kitchen mayhem on camera haha 

3) I want to rewatch Pokemon from the start (including the films) 

I have wanted to do this for years and I am the biggest Pokemon nerd.... I mentioned this goal to Luke and he was 100 percent on board. With Luke working more and more, it will be nice to schedule some time together. There are over 750 episodes and endless films, so I would like to at least watch up until the end of Johto....

4) I want to complete Fallout 4 

I carried this over from the previous month, due to Scaretober commitments. I want to complete the story mode, I have managed to reach Diamond city and to start the search for Valentine. I made the choice to carry it over so that I could enjoy the game and not just push my way through it. 

5) I want to complete the Pokemon League on Pokemon Yellow

You know the old game from when we were kids? When Pikachu used to follow you around, judging your every move? Well I redownloaded Pokemon Yellow a couple of months ago and I have regretted that I haven't finished it.... I mean I didn't finish it when I was a kid either. So it's time to once again, become a Pokemon master! 

6) I want to complete the story on Rise of the Tomb Raider (20th Anniversary Special)

I have waited a year for this to come home to the good old Playstation. The artwork book alone has been worth the wait.... I cannot wait to get stuck back into this game series (I've grown up with this as I have Pokemon) and there has been a void in my life since uncharted ended.....

So thats it for November. 

I haven't ever attempted six... but then again... I haven't ever rolled over a goal. So, lets get on it! 

December is gonna be here before I know it.....




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