November Lifestyle Favourites

Good Evening everybody. 

I am now in my new 'office'... I decided that because I have alot to do after work with University work and with this blog and the channels, that I needed to get serious. 

I need a little space, that isn't the bedroom and isn't the living room - I get too distracted by these places... Lucky for me, we have a massive dining table in our little .... but roomy kitchen. 

So here I am blogging from my kitchen table. I feel like sitting at a desk makes me work a little harder and I'm more focused. Thanks to the iplayers on the iPad I can still have a little entertainment...... 

That leads me on the subject of this post.... my currently lifestyle favourites. 

Because I have been staying in more, I have had more time to 'research' the below haha. The reason for spending more time at home will be revealed later in the week..... 

Any way on to.....

My Favourite Game 

This has been a real difficult one this month as I have recently acquired two great games..... The Rise of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 1. 

Because of my love for the gaming title and how much I have been immersed in it.... 

I have gone for Rise of the Tomb Raider. I bought the 20th Anniversary Edition for the Playstation 4.

 It came with all the DLCs automatically on it. 

I have been playing through the main campaign - for those playing I have just gone for a little swim with my mate Jacob.

 I have also had the chance to play a little of Lara's Nightmare.... which I was pleasantly surprised with. 

I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried that it was going to be a rip off of Call of Duty Zombies, but it does have a little unique edge. 

Check out our Gaming video a little later in the week to get a feel for the game! 

Below is the trailer : 

My TV Series

So I have been dipping out of alot of different series but the one that keeps me going back for me and dominates my coversations (particularly at work) is that of the BBCs The Missing

Its a mystery drama about a missing child going back to her family after being missing for eight years. But IF only it was that simple... there is a connection to a wider story and there are twists and turns a plenty. 

It's all still on the Iplayer so there is still time to catch up! 

My Current Favourite Music 

I have found myself exploring Spotify this month, aside from secretly listening to christmas songs.

The one song that I currently have on repeat is Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix. 

I love Little Mix and am proud to say that I have followed them since their creation on the X factor. 

Knowing the story behind the song only makes it sweeter.... as I think it is a song that everyone who has had their heart broken can relate to. 

My Favourite Movie 

I haven't watch that many films this month but.... I have been enjoying a little gem. 

Luke first introduced me to the this film when I first met him but I forgot how great it is. The film I am talking about is Stepbrothers starring Will Ferrell. 

It is the tale of two men, both 40 that have yet to move out of their parent's house. When their parents marry they have to get along and its just gross comedy at its best. 

The below scene always makes me chuckle: 

I joked with Luke that we will make our Kids do this :

So thats it for November.... 

One one more of the year to go (scary!) 

Let me know if you are enjoying any of the above...




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