EXCLUSIVE and GAMING / LIFESTYLE December Goals Results and Cake Recipe

Hello everyone,

Back to work today, I'd be lying if I said that it was easy to roll in this morning. 


So earlier in the week, I said that I would share the Recipe for my Christmas Cake.

 I know a few of you were wondering from Instagram. 

Basically, I used a Mary Berry one (as she is the god of baking in my eyes...) You can find it on the On the BBC Website here

The only changes that I made was that I substituted all the dairy & egg products for plant based ones. 

It seems to have gone down well this year.... Just need to work on the decoration.... I got stressed out by the icing....

So - It'as time for a bit of an Exclusive. 

Normally, I wait until I have mashed together all my monthly footage... but this time it's different,

I thought that I would post my goal results (early) for you readers to enjoy first.....

So if we recall, my goals were as below....

1) I Want to watch Home alone for the first time....

Completed :  In fact completed twice :   So I sat down with Luke and I can honestly say that I loved the film. I've never laughed as much as I did when the robbers were trying to get in, or at his attempts to try aftershave..... I had to watch it a second time.....

2) I want to Book a holiday for next year 

Completed - I am so happy to see the little completed next to this one. We have booked to go to Corfu in the frist part of 2017. I CAN'T WAIT 

3) I want to beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Sun 

Completed :  This was the last goal that I completed - In fact I did it yesterday.  This was a nifty little game, however it does have some limitations - you have to follow a linear path (which you don't normally need to) and it felt a lot shorter than the other games. 

It s worth picking up though...

4) I want to Finally Beat Fallout 4!!!!!!

FINALLY COMPLETED - Yes, against all the odds, I finally beat the game. However, I became increasing frustrated by it and I wasn't a fan of the ending.  But it's done! 

5) I want to Complete the Story on Rise of the Tomb Raider (20th Anniversary Special)

Completed - I loved this game and in completing the story, I discovered that there is still loads to go! I think I'll save that for another month ;) 

So thats it for the Goals for 2016 . As I have enjoyed doing them so much, I have decided to continue them in 2017. 

I love the little sense of Achievement I get with them and I love that I seem to actually finish more games and plan to do things with Luke!

So heres to Jan! 

Thanks for reading 


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