LIFESTYLE AND GAMING : January '17 Goals


So I feel as though I am still on the catch up after my illness earlier in the month. 

I will eventually do the Christmas review and end of the year review, I swear.

I have alot of Beauty stuff to share with you. 

But first its time to reveal my next set of goals for the coming month....

They all have a common theme.... they are all Gaming goals. Basically, Jan is a bit of an evil month for money and the like.

 So I figured that it might be nicer to sit at home and play games that I already have in a cocoon. 

The five that have been selected are : 

1) I want to complete the story on the Last Guardian.... 

It's a new game that I have wanted for the longest time.  I feel that its going to be an emotional one, as we befriend the Beast Trico and try to escape from our prison

2) I want to complete the three main worlds on Little Big Planet 3 

I loved this game on the PS3 and I was overjoyed to discover that I can play it on the PS4...

. I think a silly game is a great thing to have when you need to switch off. This can be played two player so might invite Luke along.....

3) - I want to Try to get as close to 100 % as I can on Lego Star Wars - The Force Awakens. 

You'll remember that I completed the Story as part of a previous monthly goal. Well I decided that its time to go back to try and truly complete these games (my gamerscore needs to be higher aha ). 

 I picked this one before the events of the this week - but  feel as though its a nice little tribute. 

4) I want to complete all four new career paths on the Sims 4 Lets Get to Work. 

Sounds easy in theory. But all four are go to work with the Sim careers. 

I've been thinking for the longest way to try and include the Sims in a goal but as its endless... its difficult. I have also promised not to cheat.....

5) I want to complete the 8 main worlds in Mario 3d World on the Wii U with Luke 

We have decided to set a couple goal each month as its something we can enjoy together....

 So the rules are that we cannot do it without the other. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

Five games, one month. 

Bring it on!

Until tomorrow 


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