LIFESTYLE : A look back at 2016 and Thanks

Hello everyone, 

Before I go into the main bulk of the post - My goals video that I mentioned in the previous post is now live : 

You can see it below :

I thought that I would take the time to have a little look back at 2016...

I know that on the surface that everyone will tell you that it's been an evil year... Celebs dying and shock political decisions.  

But personally and blogwise, its been a great year.

 It wasn't until I looked back through my Youtube channel, that I realized just how much everything has changed. 

I was miserable at the start of the year. I hated where I lived, My Car was always broken..... I was feeling rather unfulfilled with life

January : 

Personally : I got a new car. I bought my Beloved Bowie and replaced my very unreliable Ford Ka ( Luigi ( I loved him alot though)) . 

Last year, I was sitting there, praying that my battery would work and that it would stop revving by itself. 

February : 

Personally :

Training began for Tough Mudder....

Blog : I completed my first Collab with the Jewelry Brand Gemporia. They sent me some lovely pieces that I still treasure. You can check out one of the posts below 

March : 

Personal : Easter Celebrations and mainly chilling

Blog : I got back into Weekly Youtube videos on the main channel.

April : 

I participated in the Pedometer Challenge to walk from the top of Scotland to the Bottom of England and back to London 

Luke and I found out that we had found a new flat to live in. 

You can see the moving footage here : 

Blog :  I first started making Gaming videos on the Main Channel.... and this led to the creation of Hideaway Gaming ......


Personal : Move is completed!

I run in my first ever race - The Tough Mudder - Between our group we raised 2,000 pound for Charity. 

Blog : The blog and The Main youtube Channel is a year old :) ! 

June : 

Personal : I made a Massive Life choice and decided that I would become a Vegetarian.

 This was a decision that came over a couple of years and after alot of thought. 

I also ran in my second Race : The Race for life. Unlike Tough Mudder - I actually managed to get some of it filmed. 

I wore a hoody in the summer heat and wondered why I felt very dehydrated : 

And finally, 

I took part in a Charity Walk from Rye on the South Coast of England to Canterbury Cathedral as Part of Strike Back against Blood Cancer. 

The walk was accompanied by Charity Events all around the world. 

This is a movement that my own Mother developed and in six months... they have raised 7 Million Pounds 

This is all to help those that suffer with getting funding for  a second stem cell transfusion as in England this is no longer provided by the NHS

Here is some footage from the day that started it all 

Blog : 

Hideaway Gaming channel is launched  


I participated in the Summer Blogger's Brawl. 

Ten Days of Beauty Product reviews - Below is the last post that should link to all the others: 


July : 

Personal : I turned 25.... I had a great couple of weeks celebrating this milestone and we took a trip away to Birmingham and also we spent the night away in Milton Keynes 


I set some Yearly goals :

August :

Personal : Spent the Month Chilling. Although was did book our First Holiday away for the first time in three months. 

Blog :  I started my first monthly goals : - This a format and a challenge that I have come to love and have kept up every month. 

Although the format of the videos might change as the new year progresses :) 

September : 

Personal : Luke completed a charity Bike ride from Northampton, England to Ypres in Belgium 

I started to get really into baking and cooking 

Blogging : I reached 300 blog posts 

October : 

Personal : I returned to University for one more year and decided that ideally, I would like to pursue Teaching in the future 

I volunteered at a local country house : 

We took a last minute trip to London : 

Blogging : 

Scaretober Starts on the Gaming Channel and continues to the first week of November. 

Watch below for the best ones : 

November : 

Personal : Luke turned 25 and we celebrated by taking a Holiday to Malta. 

We also attend a firework display for the first time as a couple 

I announced that I have to drop Dairy for helath reasons and have adopted a vegan diet : 

Blog :  Quiet on both fronts as relaxing 

December : 

Personal : Christmas Celebrations and we booked another Holiday to Corfu! 

I also really got into baking again - Perfecting my Vegan Mince pie and Christmas Cake 

Blog : Vlogmas begins but it doesn't take the form of 24 days of videos as I hoped. 

However it does continue :)

I took part in the Beauty Blogger's Winter Brawl. 

Anddddd if you are still with me.... that was 2016!

Thank you for reading over the past year. 

It does mean the world to see the viewing figures and that the blog is over 23,000 now (not that its about the numbers)

 Hard to believe that my little blog is a year and a half old now.

Here is to 2017!

Thanks as always. 


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