LIFESTYLE : November Goals Results and December Goals

Hi guys, 

I hope that you are all ok. 

Christmas is only three days away! Scary Scary times. 

As you can probably tell, I have been enjoying the festive season a little too much as I haven't really been on the blog much. 

My previous post, might shed some life on this situation. I did however take the time to finally edit my Goal video for November.

It is below if you would prefer to watch rather than read :

Therefore it is time to but the results on here as well and let you have a sneak peak into the ones that I am currently working on.... 

If we take a look back at the goals from last month they were ......

1) I want to attend a bonfire display. 

Completed -  Luke and I attended the Bonfire display in Northampton on the 5th. It was a lovely experience as it was something that we had never done together. I felt like a little child as I watched the colours light up the sky. 

Aside from the above video there is one from the  start of November that are exclusively fireworks. I will link that one below also. 

2) I want to make my Christmas Cake

Completed -  Well sort of aha. For this goal I wanted to just make the base. Which I did. The sort of is because this is something that is ongoing as it will be tonight that I decorate it with icing and what not. 

I'm really nervous to see how it tastes. after working on it for so long. 

3) I want to rewatch Pokemon from the start (including the films) 

Completed -  I loved doing this goal because it was one that Luke and I could do together. He was genuinely excited and this made me feel like a little kid again. I even tried to learn the Pokerap. The only downside is that we didn't get as far as we wanted to, but that was due to going on holiday and I know which one I preferred to do over the other! 

4) I want to complete Fallout 4 

Failed -  I'm gutted to have failed this again. However, I fell ill at the end of the month. I Struggled to concentrate on the screen. It's a shame as I made so much progress , I had even made a new character. Therefore I have rolled this goal over to December! 

Heres hoping.....

5) I want to complete the Pokemon League on Pokemon Yellow

Completed - My eight year old self was soooo happy when I proclaimed the Pokemon League Champion. I actually felt a little choked up about it. 

But yes, this game is now beaten 

6) I want to complete the story on Rise of the Tomb Raider (20th Anniversary Special)

Failed -  Again as with Fallout, my illness really kicked me into touch. I got half way through and was enjoying this game alot. Again, I have rolled it over for December :) 

So it's time to reveal December's goals :

1) I Want to watch Home alone for the first time....

2) I want to Book a holiday for next year 

3) I want to beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Sun 

4) I want to Finally Beat Fallout 4!!!!!!

5) I want to Complete the Story on Rise of the Tomb Raider (20th Anniversary Special)

So watch this space in about a week and you'll see the results......

Until next time 


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Renee said…
You've completed a lot of your goals! Hope the cake turns out for you! :)

Renee | Life After Lux
Becky Russell said…
I dressed the cake last night. It seemed to Taste ok :)

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