Seasons Greeting from The Hideaway

Hello and welcome back 

And yes, I did just refer to the blog as a 'the'......

I thought that as I sit here and reflect on the past couple of days, that I would take the opportunity to say that I hope that you all had an enjoyable Christmas... in whatever way you chose to celebrate. 

Our has been a quiet one at home.... Luke cooked, I wrapped the presents... we watched some Christmas Classics on Tv and then headed over to See Luke's family. 

It was nice because it was all at our own pace. It wasn't a flashy Christmas, but it was ours. 

Due to our working hours differing, it can feel as though we never see each other but yes... some may say it was perfect... for us. 

We did have a social media ban in place for Christmas day... but we both broke it ... a little.

Here are some pictures from the day.... 

There are more to come.... 

Special nails for the big day.... Both Colours are Barry M ( sparkly red gel and Caspian colour changing Gel) 

Our Gaming shelf is now Shelves...... We got a Wii U for Christmas..... 

Oh and I got more Pop Figures....

Our 2016 Couple picture..... We cannot take serious pictures... we joking posted this as everyone puts a family picture up with their children and we have yet to multiply. 

So thats a little insight to our day. 

I always worry about how much to share as I know that certain things annoy me as a person (hence the social media ban) 

But I'm sure that I'll figure it out. 

For now there is gaming! 

So until tomorrow..



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