Winters Blogger Brawl 16 - Day One : Mosturiser

Hello guys! 

I am officially all back from Malta, sadly for me though , I bought back a bug with me, so I have been fighting that since Monday. This is why this post is a little late in going up. My life has been a cycle of work then straight to bed to sleep haha

Before I continue with the below - the first video of Vlogmas has uploaded. This the the first set of footage from Malta: 

Please check it out. This is my first time in doing it so, I'm learning as I go along. 

So on to the main bulk of the post. Before I went away I explained that I was going to be taking part in the Winters bloggers brawl for the third time. 

I wrote a little explanation that you can see here : 

So its time for day one. 

We had to all pick a moisturiser. 

I like to stick to Vegan friendly products when possible so I ventured to my Favourite ever shop Lush. 

I always had stuck to the bath products, but when I got a little braver I went over to the skin care part of the shop - I have very sensitive skin so it takes alot for me to trust a product. 

My first impressions is that the liquid is very cold and it has quite a prominent small of nuts. This is fine for me but for some it could be quite overpowering (also those with allergies might want to avoid)

I applied it every night before holiday and I noticed straight away that my skin was smoother and soothed from the effects of winter. 

However, fast forward to after holiday and my illness and I feel as thought I have tested this product ALOT. My nose looks like a famous reindeer..... but it is nothing that Skindrink can't handle..... I actually look forward to coming home, taking off my makeup and chilling with this on my face.

I should point out that Luke can't stand the smell... But I really don't care as it has become a staple in my routine ahaha.

I have scored it below: 

I marked the packaging down, as it is very basic, but it is environmently friendly (if you take a certain amount of tubs back they give you a free face mask) 

Its a little more on the expensive side (seven pounds for the smaller tub) - for me this is value for money as my skin is something I wear everyday. However I have to be fair in marking against other products. 

So thats the first review done 

Head over to Bethany's blog The Beth Blog to see what product she picked! 

I'll be back later with day two ;) 



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