Winters Blogger Brawl '16: Day Two and Three :Eyeshadow Palette and Highlighter

Hello everyone, 

So today is a special day, today I will be reviewing four products in two bumper posts. 

In my being sick and having family visiting, I have fallen some what behind with the reviews.... but instead of giving up, I am going to catch up! 

First things first. 

Day two of Vlogmas has uploaded and is here for your Viewing pleasure : 

This part of the Malta footage includes a lovely little trip around the island of Gozo! 

On to the reviews! 

I picked up this palette in Superdrug back in the summer, I was guilty of not really using it. I bought a couple from Revolution at the same time as there was a mammoth deal on. 

So when I saw that a palette was required for the reviews, I picked this one up. 

I chose it because, as I work 5 days a weeks, I needed some colours that were work appropriate. 

I tend to do like a 'lighter smokey eye' for work. Now what I mean my this is that instead of black, I use a brown colour. I work in an office so everything needs to be toned down. I then complete with some liquid eyeliner and mascara. 

The two shades that I have abused are Pure (the white in the top corner) and Shine (the brown on the first column on the third row down)

The two colours together makes my eyes look brighter (especially if I put a tiny bit underneath as well (banishing those bags underneath! ) 

Now due to how ill I've been, I haven't taken a recent picture so you will have to take my word for it. 

I have been testing this product for about a month now and as I live in england and have been to malta, it has gone through all weather conditions. 

One thing it does not stand up to very well, is rain. 

Literally the smallest splash of rain and there is a smudge. Compared to other brands that I have used it shows up pretty badly. 

However the price is very cheap for a palette (as they always seem to be on deal) so I guess you have to pick which pro or which con is louder for you) 

The other product that I am reviewing is :

Ted Baker's highlighter - this came as part of a christmas set with a nude nail polish last year. 

I should put a little disclaimer out there that I am not the biggest fan of highlighter. I hate shiny skin. It goes back to being a teen and having horrible acne..... 

However for the brawl, I decided to give it a go (as I do everytime :) )

I used it as part of my regular routine and also tried it in with my work make up. 

I'm sad to say that it felt like I had to use ALOT of it before I saw an effect and this left my face feeling really sticky. 

When it worked well, I did notice a nice effect on my cheeks. But I'm not sure if this was worth feeling as though I had a sticky face. 

Maybe it was the powder that I was using... but my powder is like old faithful and I rarely have a problem with it. 

I wanted to like it, I really did. The packaging is really cute - I am unsure for how much this retails for so I have scored a 0 as I can't be fair in that respect.

Ah well, I like some products and I don't like others..

So thats it until this evening 

Head over to Bethany's blog The Beth Blog to see what products she picked! 



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