Winters Bloggers Brawl '16 : Day Six and Seven

Hello guys, 

So we got those mid week vibes at the moment, I am hoping that I can spend the weekend catching up with a the little things that I've been saving. 

The main thing is that I want to put the tree up and all the little winter decorations that we have. It's time to make our little comfy home festive. I  am looking forward to being able to share them all with you as well. 

I need to keep filming Vlogmas and what not. I honestly did;t know how much daily work it was. But I am enjoying it. That being said, I am looking forward to a little break after Christmas. 

The latest Vlogmas videos are below 

It's time for the next two beauty reviews : 


 I chose MUAs Black Brow pencil. 

I'm not usually one to use such products as my eyebrows are naturally quite thick but I thought for the  beauty brawl that I would try it out. 

Firstly I love that it has a little brush on the end so you can organise what is already there and then you can begin to build. 

The pencil was only a couple of pound so you can allow the fact that the product isn't the longest lasting. 

It's a neat product if you want to experiment

And for the second product is 

Ok, so its not technically a lipstick but I love the colour that it creates on my lips. You can see it below : 

Labelled as a Lip balm, the Baby Lips by Maybeline is a staple in my makeup bag and my life. 

The up side of it being a lip balm is that it takes care of your lips while turning them a beautiful colour. 

My little tip is that if you want a bit of extra shine and for it to last longer.... add a top layer of Vaseline. 

The only down side is that the colour tends to fade after about an hour and a half. 

But as I said. 

It's a lip balm and not a lipstick. 

Thats it for today. 

I cannot believe that the Brawl is almost over! 

Head over to Bethany's blog The Beth Blog to see what products she picked! 




Renee said…
Loving that lip balm colour!

Renee | Life After Lux
Becky Russell said…
Thanks, I can't believe that it came from a Lip Balm!

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