BEAUTY : January Favourites and Empties

Hello Everybody. 

I hope that you have had a lovely weekend. 

I have spent mine with Luke, chilling, eating Nandos and playing video games. 

I have noticed that my Meal Prep Pictures are getting more and more popular on Instagram. 

Basically, every Sunday, I bulk cook my lunch for the following week at work. 

This month I have been home making Chinese with different veggies and Boiled rice with peas and sweetcorn. 

As some of you have asked for the recipes, I will do a separate post later on in the month. 

I should point out that I am by no means an expert, but I can share with you what I am enjoying! 

Below is this weeks creation - Black bean sauce with added pepper, spring onion, Celery and Lemon grass... as mentioned I added Sweetcorn and Peas to the boiled rice.

So as I mentioned, I have revamped the way in which I aim to do the favourites this year. 

I have now separated beauty into it's own post, which is nice... I don't feel rushed for space. 

I also thought that I would include monthly empties (as I had this terrible habit of letting them build up over half a year and letting them clog up space in my flat) 

This months offerings are below : 

Lets start with the favourites :

My first product is something that has become an absolute staple..... literally I wear it everyday. 

Its Barry M's Red Lipstick in 121 (Sadly the shade name is not on the packaging). 

I find that a little pop of colour really helps, especially at work. 

The shade has gotten some lovely compliments and its true what they say, a little change really helps your confidence! 

You can't really tell in the picture above... but there is a little touch of orange in the colour. 

I have to say this nifty little lipsitck has set off a new and rather large obsession with lipsticks and collecting them! 

The price is really good it retails around the four pound mark and its effects last for hours. 

I would recommend a reapplication after lunch though... but that is true for most brands! 

My next favourite is another lip product. 

But this time it is a lip care product. 

This Balm is by the Natural company and was given to me as a Christmas present as a set of three. 

This particular favour is my favourite by far as it has a lovely orange favour to it. 

I have found in this cold and horrible weather that it has helped me to combat chapped lips and it is a lovely base to my lipstick .

Another big plus is that the product is made from all natural ingredients and that it has not been tested on animals! 

I cannot advise on the price, but it is well worth picking up if you can! 

My last favourite is also another Christmas present 

It is the White Amber Fragrance from Next.

It's a lovely little scent for work, not too floral and not too overpowering... just what you need in an office. 

I wear this everyday at work (since I got it)

I would advise though, that I wouldn't recommend it for going out as it wouldn't have an impact. 

But it's good for the day to day! 

Now for the empties... 

My first one is a seasonal Body Lotion by Beauticology. 

I got this the Christmas before last as part of a set dedicated to sweet scents. 

I saw this in my overflowing body lotion draw (yes I have one) and I thought it was a great time to try it. 

The lotion itself is nice and comforting and it cools the skin as it contains mint, it helped with my sensitive skin. 

However it was really odd as is doesn't seem too strongly of mint.... it was kinda disappointing. 

However, my skin was very soft. 

I probably would repurchase again as a smell is not the be all and end all for me. 

My second product is not really an empty, but I am done is using it. 

It is the Rimmel London Lasting finish powdered foundation in 1. 

Now, I have been on a journey to find a new foundation that really works for my sensitive skin. My skin is on the mend at the moment since sorting my diet. 

I decided to go for a powdered foundation, but it didn't seem to work with my blotchy skin. 

The red area on my face is reducing and the sores are going, but the foundation struggled to cover it. 

I was a little disappointed, especially as the packaging is so neat, with a little built in sponge. 

I even tried to prep my face before hand.... I have beared in mind that I might need to find a new type of primer so I might try in in the future when my skin has cleared up a little more.

So thats it for January. 

I hope that you like the new format of the Beauty Favourites.... We still have the gaming favourites to come later in the next week. 

If you want to check out the lifestyle favourites you can do so here

Thanks for reading 



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