BEAUTY : A Little Trip to Lush

Good evening everybody, 

I hope that you are all enjoying your Friday night. 

I myself, had a bit of a rough day, but I managed to have some time off from work and got my head sorted. 

Luke and I went for some dinner and managed to go out into town.

One of the places that I insisted we visit was...... 


My favourite shop in the whole world! 

I knew that I needed to destress so I made sure to drop by so that my Lush tower remained firmly overstocked as its still really cold out. 

(We also went to Game but more on that later.....) 

I thought I would take you through what I bought ... some are repurchases and some are new buys 

The first lot of items contatins :

The Comforter Shower Cream : Repurchase - at the moment, I am still rocking a massive bottle of Snow Fairy, but sadly this is just a winter exclusive so I am going back to my second favourite. I love this particular one, because it smells just like Wine gums! 

Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel : New Purchase : I bought this one for Luke, He literally smelt every single one in the shop. Basically, he is a massive convert to Lush Products, so I will be interested to see his reaction to this one. It has a strong scent of mint so I think that is what drew him to it. I will report his findings back and I will sneakily try to have a go too. 

Skindrink Facial Moisturiser : Repurchase : So this is a staple in my routine and I mention it ALOT so I don't want to bore you all. But it is great for the winter. Just saying.

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion : New Purchase : I have been looking for a product that is gentle on my skin and designed to take my make up off with.  I was curious to see what Lush has to offer. So I went for the smaller bottle. I have tried it for the first time today... all positive so this space 

The second lot of products contain :

Lovestruck bubble bar : New Purchase - I love the look of this emoji bubble bar. I'm guessing that its just for Valentines so I just had to pick it up. Its got a lovely lemon scent to it. 

Floating Island : New purchase / Repurchase - I marked this as both, because this product has changed in the last year from a bath melt to an oil. This is Lukes Favourite lush Product so it will be great to see if its improved.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon : Repurchase - I love this little one. It bubbles an amazing amount and the smell of rose is a lovely one. Nothing really not to love ;) 

So thats it.... if I had bought anymore, I'd probably be broke. 

Look on the new empties post for some reviews for the new products! 

Until tomorrow 




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