Blog and Channel(s) Update

Good Morning Everybody, 

So I'm feeling really refreshed today. I managed to sleep from 8pm til 6am last night and I feel rather good. 

I have to admit that I couldn't sleep the night before so I think a combination of being overtired and a big dinner helped alot aha. 

It's not good in the respect that I wanted to edit a video but never got around to it haha.

 I also need to de-christmas my house and the blog..... maybe later

I thought that I would fire out a quick blog post to explain some changes that will affect the blog and the youtube channels. 

Basically, as you may or may not know,  I am at University and its time that I needed to dedicate some time to my studying. 

 I am keen to keep up my Blogging and Youtubing also, but with a full time job I need to use my time in a wiser manner. 

Basically, I am taking away the scheduled days for posts and videos.

 I still aim for one video on each channel a week and a decent amount of posts. I would hate to have to take a break as I love having a little creative outlet! 

But I think that taking set days away will stop me feeling as though that I am bound to schedule its as and when creativity hits.

 Hopefully this means better posts and not ones that are going out for the sake of it........

Also this will hopefully take away the 'guilt' when I am reading and stop me from thinking about views and stuff. 

I should  add however that in all this there will be new types of content for 2017

a) the Blog will get gaming posts as well as Beauty and Lifestyle. I have decided to drop fashion as I never really wrote about it...... it's a shame but I think part of the blogging process is finding those subjects that you click well with and those that you don't 

b) the Gaming channel will receive an edited version of the monthly goals - if you notice at least 50% of my goals are games. The gaming channel will just see these goals, but with extended gameplay and reviews.... maybe some hints and tips too. 

c) The main channel will see less travel... been there done that in '16..... and more fun videos, like challenges with Luke.... I know that these tend to get the more views and I love making them! 

So if you are still with me, there is lots to look forward to, I thought that I would just post as a little explanation! 

Thanks for reading 



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