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Hiya Everyone, 

I hope that 'Blue monday' hasn't been too bad for you.....

Time for something that everyone loves.... food!

As I mentioned before alot of you have been asking about the meal prep pictures that I post on Instagram every Sunday.

 I bulk cook my food for work and I try to make it as interesting as I can and something that I want to eat all week long. 

I have previously eaten pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches for lunch and I was looking for something different.... some yummy. 

I noticed that I had alot of rice in the cupboard so I thought this would be a nice change... it's easy to make and it fills you up quite nicely. 

To my boiled rice, in every dish, I have added tinned sweetcorn and frozen peas. 

As I am bulk cooking, I use a whole can of sweetcorn and half a medium size bag of frozen peas. 

Below each picture is what I added to give you some inspiration and to tickle your taste buds! 

I should point out that I am by no means an expert, I can only share with you what I have personally been loving! 

Dish one : Lemon Sauce and Vegetables 

I made my own sauce for this one, but it wasn't think enough, so I would recommend buying a jar of Lemon Sauce 

Along with the rice (with peas and sweetcorn ), I added Fresh pineapple and bell peppers (x2) 

Dish two : 

Black Bean Sauce with Veggies and Rice 

I added two bell peppers, celery, Lemon Grass and spring onions (x 4) to black bean sauce 

This is my favourite so far as the sauce is thicker and with the savoury taste... adding sweeter ones creates a great balanced dish! 

Dish 3 

Sweet and Sour vegetables and rice 

For this I added alot of carrots (there was alot left in the fridge) along with them I added pineapple and bell peppers to a jar of sweet and sour sauce 

Simple ingredients are in all these dishes and as the weeks go on (lemon, sweet and sour and then black bean) my additions get a little braver.  I have at least five different vegetables in the box at one time. 

The batches keep for five days, but if you add meat I would say 3-4 days. 

Also by preparing food in advance you resist that temptation to buy lunch (a trap I used to fall into) and its somewhat healthier for you!

Before I end the blog post, I would like to mention that I recently uploaded a new video to the main channel:

A best of 2016 clips: 

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